Making math fun for children…A cute children’s book

I’ve been asked this question before and I have advised people on this subject.  This blog brought up some really fun ideas and I just had to share them.

Bedtime Math by Laura Overdeck is a great resource – and lots of fun too! Laura’s mission is “to make math a fun part of kids’ everyday lives” and she absolutely achieves this goal. Not only are her stories amusing and her math problems entertaining, but she also provides just the right amount of humor and fact-based information. It’s a winning combination and a valuable addition to your bookshelf! Learn more about why we recommend Bedtime Math in the Sweet on Books review.

Math is not just for bedtime, though. We agree with Laura that doing math with your kids is actually a good idea any time of the day. Use Bedtime Math to help you get started, and then take it from there by incorporating math into your daily routine. Wondering how to do it?

Here are 10 ideas from Sweet on Books

  • Bring your kids on your next shopping trip and do some price comparisons.
  • Invite your kids to cook with you so they can practice measuring. Using a recipe will also help with following directions. Those cookies won’t work with a cup of baking soda instead of a teaspoon. Believe me, I know from experience!
  • When eating at a restaurant, let your kids add up items to predict the total cost and let them help you figure out the tip.  ”A steak costs how much???”
  • Watch and play sports – there are endless opportunities for counting, percentages, statistics, and making predictions.
  • Count whenever possible – how many shirts are you buying? How many blue cars can you spot? How many ducks do you see? How many stuffed dogs do you have, and do you really need a 12th?
  • Work math into art projects by creating patterns and by using a ruler to measure distances.
  • Look for shapes in everything you see. What shape is the iPhone? Do you see any other rectangles in the room?  How many different shapes can you find at the park?
  • Make up word problems that make sense in the real world. If we are making dinner for five people and each person will eat two burgers, how many burgers should we buy?
  • Make a game out of organizing things at home. Sort through your kids’ collections – shells, coins, bouncing balls, etc. – count the items, and store them in fun containers.
  • And, of course, we always recommend reading books that focus on math!”

So there you have it.  I just couldn’t go without sharing this.

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