My rating system (How I rate/review books


The Report

I love books.  I always have and I always will.  I have read some fantastic works and some that weren’t so fantastic.  All of this is a matter of my opinion.  I share the works that I enjoy and try to give feedback on the ones that I don’t.  I know some authors that don’t like to see anything negative about their book.  To each it’s own.  I am not that author.  I love feedback whether negative or positive.  The positives reinforce my good feelings about my abilities.  The negatives allow me an opportunity for room to grow.  Anything I say on any of my posts are my opinion.  A person can read into what they choose, but that is all that I am offering when I review a work.  I do not review to berate or antagonize an author or their works.  Having said that, here is how things work:

1. Submit a request with the book that you would like to have reviewed to

2. Allow 4-6 weeks (unless it is a special request for a blog tour), for reading and review.

3. The review will be completed once the book has been read.  A rating will be posted with the review.

4. The review will be posted here on this site and the Facebook site along with Goodreads, B&N and Amazon.  A tag to the author will be attempted, but not promised.

That’s it! You’re done.  A form may soon follow for future sign ups.

My rating system:

1 – There’s no hope.  I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. (pink star)


2 – There were a couple good moments, but back to the keyboard with you (gold stars)


3 – There is potential there.  Wonderful things, just needs fine tuning (pink stars)

3 pink stars

4 – It was a good read. Something was just missing (pink stars)


4.5 – You had me.  I was on the verge, but not there yet. (purple stars)


5 -It was a wonderful read.  It grabbed me. (pink stars)


5 – I absolutely love it and I’m recommending it to friends and I’ll remember it. (gold stars)

5-star hot loved it

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